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  • Katherine’s work was uplifting to say the very least. Every month I looked forward to receiving her work, which I know made a difference in many lives, enlightening us all one by one.” (Alexandra Tucker, Lakeview Health) 
  • Katherine is brilliant at sharing my voice and ideas, and does so in a timely manner! She is 100% dependable with deadlines as well as quality.” (Debbie Elder, Shady Oak Primary School)
  • I found Katherine to be an extremely conscientious proofreader and exceptionally reliable at meeting deadlines, as well as an expert at saying more with fewer words. I heartily recommend her services to anyone who suspects their written communications are less than they could be!” (George Ehrgott, Communications Test Design, Inc.)





Cups of Coffee

It takes more than flawless spelling and grammar to create effective written content. It takes imagination, research skills, a big vocabulary, and a natural feel for smooth-flowing language. Every organization needs writers who are, first and foremost, real writers with all the skills and gifts that land books on the bestseller lists.

If you don’t have enough such writers on your staff and in your contractor pool, your marketing isn’t everything it could be. Let’s talk about ways to change that!




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