About Me

l believe you can run a large operation and still make serving the public a vital part of your mission. I believe that one of the best ways to do this is to provide regular information (no “sales” strings attached) about good health and confident living. This is my own mission and specialty. 

I’m katherine swarts

I guarantee readable and well-edited work; an ongoing stream of new ideas; and (barring major disaster or sudden death) 100 percent of deadlines met!

You care about your clients. You want to give them and others like them the best possible encouragement for overcoming their struggles. And you know that, while it takes more than a few life hacks to beat serious challenges, regular access to interesting ideas can be the perfect encouragement to get moving in the right direction.

As a leader in your field, you also know the value of content marketing (blog posts, e-booklets, social media posts, etc.) for strengthening your brand and bringing in new clients. If you’re short on ideas and on staff writers for the content you need, don’t scrap the whole idea. Let me show you how a professional freelance writer can benefit your marketing and your mission.



Cups of Coffee

It takes more than flawless spelling and grammar to create effective written content. It takes imagination, research skills, a big vocabulary, and a natural feel for smooth-flowing language. Every organization needs writers who are, first and foremost, real writers with all the skills and gifts that land books on the bestseller lists.

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