Written materials can help or hurt your professional image. Does your business have problems with any of the “Troublesome Top 10”? 


Just Like Us 
(5 points)

A Lot Like Us     (4 points)

Somewhat Like Us (3 points)

A Little Like Us (2 points)

Nothing Like Us (1 point)

1. We hear a lot of talk about “content marketing,” but no one has any real clue what it’s about.






2. Our website has no Blog page or anything similar.






3. Our website has a Blog page, but no one’s added a new entry in months.






4. All our posts are about us and what we’re doing: there’s nothing to interest a casual surfer. No one on our staff even knows what our ideal clients are looking for.






5. All our posts are under 300 words.






6. Our website and promotional materials are full of misspelled words.






7. Attempts to make our online materials SEO-friendly read like “keyword stuffing”: words/phrases repeated verbatim every third line.






8. Visitors to our website and social media posts are few and stay briefly.






9. We’ve tried every way to get easy and cheap content, and have gotten nothing back except grief.






10. Face it, our written materials are just plain boring to read.







Total (of column points for each box you checked):

10–20: You’re content geniuses! The only time you’ll need an outside writer is when you have more work than your staff can handle. Are you sure you aren’t in the marketing business?

21–30: Not bad! Your in-house writers are on the right track, but an outside consultant could help them do even better. Or, an outside writer could free up their time for tasks they’re better at.

31–50: You may get straight A’s in every other aspect of business, but your written materials (or lack of such) are screaming “Incompetent!” to the world. Better reconsider your misgivings about investing in an outside writer.

Does your score say you could use professional freelance-writing services?

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–Katherine Swarts